Outstanding learning and teaching

  • Outstanding marking and feedback

We believe that effective marking and feedback strategies are central to the development of a learning culture, to supporting outstanding learning and progress; and at the heart of positive learner teacher relationships. Through engagement with highly effective marking and feedback strategies, models of good practice and by dispelling some Ofsted ‘myths’ ‘Outstanding marking and feedback’ will give you the skills, knowledge and understanding you need to develop your marking and feedback in a smart, targeted way that will save you time and support your students’ journey towards outstanding learning and progress. Why not join us for this invaluable, lively and thought provoking training?


  • Using critical thinking and problem solving to encourage outstanding learning

Critical thinking and problem solving techniques should be central to developing effective, independent learners yet, so often, they are not. By investigating our own critical thinking and problem solving skills, challenging our existing knowledge and developing a deeper understanding of key concepts; ‘Critical thinking and problem solving’ will give you the tools and strategies you need to embed these skills in your own teaching and the learning of your students. If you want to find out more, why not sign up for this engaging, thoughtful and problem busting training?


  • Highly effective techniques to develop creativity and imagination in the classroom

Our students thrive best when their creativity and imagination are effectively challenged and stretched through outstanding teaching that removes barriers to that creativity. Using real learning situations, think pieces and models of good practice, ‘highly effective techniques to develop creativity and imagination in the classroom’ will challenge your own preconceptions of what these terms mean, engage you in your own creative journey; and provide you with a range of strategies that you can implement straight away in the classroom. Why not use your imagination and work with us on this creative training?


  • Developing outstanding learning and progress through highly effective teaching

Effective and engaging teaching should be at the very heart of a student’s journey to outstanding progress yet, so often, opportunities are missed. Presenting opportunities to engage with outstanding pedagogy, understand inspection expectations for classroom practice; and explore tools and techniques to use straight away in the classroom; ‘Developing outstanding learning and progress through effective teaching’ will enable you to refine your craft of the classroom and ensure you present engaging and effective learning opportunities to your students. Can you afford to miss this exciting and innovative training?


  • Practical strategies to raise boys’ achievement

The gap between boys’ and girls’ achievement has been a national issue for many years and one that deserves to be effectively challenged. Centred on practical, down to earth classroom strategies, ‘Practical strategies to raise boys’ achievement’ will give you tools and techniques you can apply straight away. Can your boy learners afford you to miss this practical, classroom based training?

  • Raising standards (staff or students) through mentoring and coaching

Ownership of a mentoring or coaching process is so often in the hands of those doing the mentoring and coaching rather than those receiving it. By presenting a challenging and thought provoking view of what constitutes effective mentoring and coaching, this course will help those with responsibility for supporting students or staff develop highly effective coaching and mentoring strategies to use straight away back at school. If you are passionate about getting the very best from your staff and students, can you afford to miss this exciting and practical training?


  • Developing a student centred pastoral support programme

Effective schools build pastoral support structures that place the needs of the student at the very heart of what they do. What can we learn from these models of good practice? ‘Developing a student centred pastoral support programme’ will explore these models of good practice; challenge you on how best to meet the pastoral needs of your learners; and provide concrete resources to support the development of your own pastoral support programme. If you want to develop a highly effective student centred pastoral support programme for your school, then this training is for you.


  • Meeting the needs of our most able learners

Exceptionally bright children have the same rights to outstanding and supportive teaching as any other learners in the classroom, yet, so often, their learning needs are neglected. In ‘meeting the needs of our most able learners’ you will explore teaching and learning strategies that will support your most able learners, enhance the quality of your teaching and their learning; and leave with a toolkit of techniques and lesson strategies that you can implement straightaway back at school. Your most able learners need you to book a place on this course.

Leadership courses

  • Developing you as an outstanding Middle Leader

Effective middle leadership is at the very heart of an effective school. In ‘developing you as an outstanding middle leader’ we will explore what outstanding middle leadership looks like from an inspector’s perspective, address the key components of the job; and ensure that you leave with a wealth of techniques and resources to implement back at school. Aimed at subject leaders, pastoral leaders and those with any middle leadership responsibility across any phase or year group, booking a place on this course could be the best middle leadership decision you make.


  • New to senior leadership? An overview for newly appointed senior leaders.

A question that many new or aspiring senior leaders of schools are reluctant to ask yet, so often, it is the answer to this very question that can lead schools towards a path to excellence or down a road of no return. Through highly practical and relevant activities, this course will guide new or aspiring senior leaders towards developing outstanding leadership practice that will start to make a difference as soon as you return to school. Can any new senior leader afford to miss this workshop?


  • Effective performance management to raise attainment and improve progress

Performance management should be at the heart of school improvement yet it is so often seen as in irrelevant, bolt on activity that is done to staff once a year. By exploring performance management from a staff development and support perspective, ‘effective performance management’ will give you an innovative approach to performance management that engages all staff in a positive development experience, gives participants ownership of the performance management process; and enables you to effectively support those colleagues who may be struggling to progress. Packed with ideas, resources and thought-provoking ideas, how can you afford not to book this relevant, positive training?


  • Recruitment and selection – from vacancy to appointment

Getting the right staff and keeping them is an area of school leadership that is so often ignored yet recruitment and retention of quality staff should be at the heart of every successful school. ‘Recruitment and selection – from vacancy to appointment’ takes participants through the whole recruitment process from identifying a staffing need, the advertising and interviewing process to appointment and on to induction and retention. An essential overview for school leaders across all phases in the state and independent sector, this workshop will provide participants with the skills, knowledge and resources to manage recruitment, selection and retention in an insightful and strategic way.

Student care

  •  Outstanding leadership of a Year group or Key stage

Leading a year group or key stage effectively is central to all students’ positive school experience and the quality of their learning and progress. By exploring the key components of the job, discussing effective strategies to lead your year group or key stage strategically; and developing a range of resources that will support learners you work with; ‘outstanding leadership of a year group or key stage’ will enable you to apply these skills straight away back at school and make a real difference to your students’ learning and progress.


  • Developing the role of non-teaching pastoral staff

Frequently, pastoral support and learning manager roles are being assigned to colleagues in school who do not teach. This enables them to bring time and experience to pastoral support roles traditionally filled by teachers. This workshop explores strategies to establish clear expectations for your role in school, to develop your contribution to the pastoral care and learning and progress of students; and to develop positive professional relationships with colleagues, parents and other stakeholders. Participants will leave the workshop with a wealth of relevant resources that they will be able to use straightaway back at school to further develop their role and the positive impact they have on the learning and pastoral care of students.


  • Safeguarding, compliance and safer recruitment – an overview

Safeguarding, compliance and safe recruitment practices are at the forefront of inspectors’ expectations for effective and safe schools and colleges in both the state and private sectors. This workshop gives a clear overview of what needs to be in place legally, what guidance states and what inspectors will expect. Aimed at senior school leaders in the state and private sector across all phases, this workshop will go on to provide a wealth of useful resources that support a safeguarding audit, identify areas for development and support the implementation of effective safeguarding practices that will meet statutory expectations. An essential course for senior school leaders and business managers.

New staff

  • The effective teachers’ toolkit for NQTs and recently qualified teachers.

Starting teaching presents many challenges and practical issues that newly and recently qualified teachers often struggle to address. ‘The effective teachers’ toolkit’ will provide down to earth strategies, tools and resources that any NQT or RQT will find invaluable in building a toolkit of strategies to use straightaway back at the work place. No NQT or RQT can afford to miss this practical and engaging teaching tools workshop.

Behaviour and stakeholders

  • Developing effective positive behaviour techniques for outstanding learning and progress

Low level disruption and working with learners with complex behavioural needs are key areas that often present all teachers with the most challenge. This practical workshop will provide highly effective tools to reduce incidence of low level disruption, reintroduce a positive approach to behaviour management in your classroom; and ensure participants have the tools and strategies to support those learners who present more challenging behaviours. Frequently rated as ‘outstanding training’ this workshop is something that no teacher or classroom assistant can afford to miss.


  • Building positive relationships with difficult people / colleagues

Working in the education sector frequently brings us into contact with people who can present difficult or challenging behaviours. By exploring what drives people to behave in difficult ways we gain a better understanding of how to build more positive relationships with these people and you will leave this workshop with a range of tools and techniques that will take the fear out of engaging with challenging people and help you build better and more productive professional relationships.


  • Building positive relationships with parents and carers

Most schools, colleges and academies desire positive relationships with their parents and carer yet, frequently they approach this central relationship from the wrong view point – that of the school. This workshop will give you the tools and techniques to build better relationships with parents and carers from their view point. You will leave the workshop empowered with highly effective strategies and resources that you can implement straight away back at the workplace. Your parents and carers need you to engage with this workshop.

Support staff

  • The outstanding Personal Assistant or school administrator

The role of the PA or school administrator is central in the smooth administration of the school and the support of the leadership team. This workshop will provide experienced, newly appointed and aspiring PAs and school administrators with a strategic overview of their role, the skills and knowledge required to ensure that you work smartly and effectively, and a toolkit of resources to use back at the workplace. This popular workshop should be at the heart of every effective PA and school administrator’s strategic toolkit.


  • Front of house skills for support staff

The impression we present makes a significant difference to how visitors view our schools, colleges and academies. Equally, our front of house support staff are frequently in ‘direct firing line’ for the aggressive and challenging behaviour of others. This practical workshop will give front of house staff the skills and knowledge to reflect the school’s ethos in a professional way, to engage positively with a range of ‘customers’; and to develop strategies to interreact positively with those that present challenging or anti-social behaviour.

Other CPD offered by Simply INSET

  • Developing digital literacy in your school

21st century society needs our learners to develop their digitally literacy for them to make an effective contribution to society. This workshop helps participants define what digital literacy needs to look like in their school, explores effective strategies to develop the digital literacy of both staff and learners; and enables participants to develop digitally literate practice back at the workplace. Participants will leave the workshop with a range of classroom and whole school strategies and resources they can use to support the digital literacy learning of their own school community.


  • Developing student leadership in your school to improve learning and progress

Developing confident, resilient and independent learners should be the aim over every successful school, college or academy in the state or independent sector. This workshop will explore out understanding of student leadership, engage with models of good practice; and provide a wealth of resources for participants to develop school leadership strategies back at their workplace. Aimed at anyone who engages with student leadership in school, this workshop is a must.

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