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Let Mister Steve bring bespoke, high-quality and engaging international training or consultancy to your school. Each course is specifically tailored for you and, although we offer a wide range of titles here, we are happy to produce bespoke training and consultancy packages at your request. The cost of a full day’s INSET is excellent value at only £500 (£350 for a half day or for a twilight session) plus travel as required, for any number of participants. Our range of CPD titles includes:

learning and teaching

  • Ditch Differentiation: Pursue Mastery!

If not practised well, differentiation may be problematic, especially when encouraging a growth mindset and achieving deep learning. The Educational Endowment Foundation finds that, on average, mastery learning is effective, leading to an additional five months’ progress over the course of a school year compared to traditional approaches. Participants will leave ‘Ditch Differentiation: Pursue Mastery!’ with a wealth of evidence-based practical strategies to enable them to effectively apply mastery to their whole-school approach and classrooms.

  • Teaching for Learning and Learning for Progress

This CPD will enable participants to reflect on their understanding of outstanding learning and teaching pedagogy, develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of effective teaching techniques; explore models of good practice; and apply their learning to their own professional context. ‘Teaching for Learning and Learning for Progress’ is aimed at any educational professional engaged with teaching and learning across all phases; and will provide participants with active and engaging teaching and learning strategies that they can apply straight away back in the classroom.


Behaviour is a habit that is learned. Once we accept this stark fact, we have taken the first step in empowering ourselves to influence our students in learning new behaviours. If we want a child to learn to read, we teach them; if we want a child to learn to swim, we teach them; if we want a child to behave well in our schools we …. punish them when they don’t? ‘Choices - POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR FOR OUTSTANDING LEARNING AND TEACHING’ provides a range of tools and techniques that enable us to engage with our students positively, to develop success based strategies to teach good behaviour; and to create a positive ethos in our classrooms that will better support outstanding learning and progress; whatever point we are in our professional development.

  • Outstanding marking and feedback

We believe that effective marking and feedback strategies are central to the development of a learning culture, to supporting outstanding learning and progress; and at the heart of positive learner teacher relationships. Through engagement with highly effective marking and feedback strategies, models of good practice and by dispelling some Ofsted ‘myths’ ‘Outstanding marking and feedback’ will give you the skills, knowledge and understanding you need to develop your marking and feedback in a smart, targeted way that will save you time and support your students’ journey towards outstanding learning and progress. Why not join us for this invaluable, lively and thought-provoking training?

  • Using critical thinking and problem solving to encourage outstanding learning

Critical thinking and problem-solving techniques should be central to developing effective, independent learners yet, so often, they are not. By investigating our own critical thinking and problem-solving skills, challenging our existing knowledge and developing a deeper understanding of key concepts; ‘Critical thinking and problem solving’ will give you the tools and strategies you need to embed these skills in your own teaching and the learning of your students. If you want to find out more, why not sign up for this engaging, thoughtful and problem busting training?

  • Highly effective techniques to develop creativity and imagination in the classroom

Our students thrive best when their creativity and imagination are effectively challenged and stretched through outstanding teaching that removes barriers to that creativity. Using real learning situations, think pieces and models of good practice, ‘highly effective techniques to develop creativity and imagination in the classroom’ will challenge your own preconceptions of what these terms mean, engage you in your own creative journey; and provide you with a range of strategies that you can implement straight away in the classroom. Why not use your imagination and work with us on this creative training?

Leadership courses

  • Tackling Department Underperformance

Identifying a department or subject area as underperforming is just the first step on the journey to improvement. ‘TACKLING DEPARTMENT UNDERPERFORMANCE’ will enable you to make focused, evidence based judgements about department performance and then work with your department teams to bring about sustainable and lasting improvement. Aimed at Senior and Middle Leaders, Staff development and CPD coordinators, Pastoral leaders; and Governors and anyone with involvement in tackling poor performance in schools Tackling Department Underperformance will enable participants to engage with a range of evidence to establish where, why and what underperformance is taking place; explore effective intervention strategies to engage a department team in improving the quality of teaching, learning and progress; and develop techniques to handle difficult and challenging conversations and set sharp SMART targets.

  • Developing Middle Leadership

Effective middle leadership is at the very heart of an effective school. In ‘Developing Middle Leadership we will explore what outstanding middle leadership looks like from an inspector’s perspective, address the key components of the job; and ensure that you leave with a wealth of techniques and resources to implement back at school. Aimed at subject leaders, pastoral leaders and those with any middle leadership responsibility across any phase or year group, booking a place on this course could be the best middle leadership decision you make.

  • Raising Standards through Coaching and Mentoring

This workshop will enable participants to reflect on their understanding of coaching and mentoring, develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of effective coaching and mentoring techniques; explore models of good practice; and apply their learning to their own professional context. ‘Raising Standards through Coaching and Mentoring’ is aimed at any educational professional engaged with coaching and mentoring learners or adults in an educational setting.

  • Developing student leadership in your school to improve learning and progress

Developing confident, resilient and independent learners should be the aim over every successful school, college or academy in the state or independent sector. This workshop will explore out understanding of student leadership, engage with models of good practice; and provide a wealth of resources for participants to develop school leadership strategies back at their workplace. Aimed at anyone who engages with student leadership in school, this workshop is a must.

Staff and Student Well-being

  • Starting out - A teaching and learning workshop for those in the first and second years of teaching

Qualifying as a teacher is a major achievement during which a great deal of learning and professional development took place. During your time in school, much of the role will be wonderful and fulfilling. However, there will be moments though when it feels more like a case of day to day survival. There is a very steep learning curve during your early years in school and ‘Starting out - A teaching and learning workshop for those in the first and second years of teaching’ will help you climb that curve on your journey to becoming an outstanding teacher.

  • The Voice - Top tips to look after a teacher’s most valuable tool

For most of us, sounding hoarse is no more than an inconvenience but, for teachers, the voice is the crucial tool of their trade where damaged vocal cords can mean the end of a career. One in five teachers miss work with voice problems, five times the national average. Voice strain, one might argue, is becoming the new RSI. Many teachers tolerate voice problems and do not seek help, this may exacerbate the voice problem. ‘The Voice - Top tips to look after a teacher’s most valuable tool’ will provide help and support that will enable us all to take better care of our voices.

  • Handling difficult conversations confidentially

This workshop will provide effective strategies to enable participants to learn how to deal with ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ issues through opening lines, questioning tips and interaction strategies; and unlock the psychology of difficult conversations, develop de-escalation techniques and build a skill-base to tackle difficult conversations confidently. ‘Handling difficult conversations confidentially’ will enable participants to handle difficult conversations head on and deal with issues with confidence, confidentiality, care and compassion.

  • Safeguarding, compliance and safer recruitment

Safeguarding, compliance and safe recruitment practices are at the forefront of inspectors’ expectations for effective and safe schools and colleges in both the state and private sectors. This workshop gives a clear overview of what needs to be in place legally, what guidance states and what inspectors will expect. Aimed at senior school leaders in the state and private sector across all phases, this workshop will go on to provide a wealth of useful resources that support a safeguarding audit, identify areas for development and support the implementation of effective safeguarding practices that will meet statutory expectations. An essential course for senior school leaders and business managers.

About Mister Steve Training

Mister Steve Training is led by Steve Burnage M.Ed B.Mus NPQH PGCE. Steve’s career spans over 25 years teaching and senior leadership experience in inner city, urban and rural schools. Now a well-respected trainer, consultant and author who is frequently rated ‘outstanding’ by his clients, Steve makes regular contributions to education magazines and newspapers and his ‘BiteSized Training’ is now a regular CPD feature in SecEd magazine. Steve brings a wealth of whole school, faculty and department improvement expertise and relevant professional experience to this course.

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