Maximum Impact

‘What is ‘Maximum Impact’?

Maximum Impact’ is a three-part training package from Simply Inset that empowers teaching and support staff and schools, colleges and academies throughout the UK and internationally to make a real difference to your school.

How does ‘Maximum Impact’ work?

The ‘Maximum Impact’ training package consists of two face to face training sessions for any number of participants with a 10-week gap in between during which participants apply their training to an area of improvement and development relevant to their own institution. Here’s how it works:

     1.Day 1: Face to Face training

Participants receive a full day’s face to face training on an area of whole school development identified by the institution. By the end of the session, participants leave with a clear focus for their own small scale improvement project, SMART success criteria and an implementation plan.

     2.10-week school based project

During the interim 10-weeks, participants work on their school based projects. They receive support from Simply INSET via email whenever they require it; and four training emails from Simply INSET.

     3.Twilight: Face to Face training

Participants present their projects, evidencing the impact of their work against their SMART success criteria and planning next steps followed by further face to face training to take their learning and knowledge on the agreed area of focus to the next level.

What sort of projects do participants work on?

One of the greatest advantages of ‘Maximum Impact’ is the variety of projects that participants can work on. For example, here, participants conducted improvement projects focusing on:

  • Free Flow Learning in Year2

  • The development of MFL outside the classroom

  • Developing the school House system with parents

  • Developing parental engagement in KS2

  • Building learning partnerships between EAL teachers and classroom teachers

  • Developing the use of base-line assessments to inform learning and teaching

  • Developing pastoral care programmes for students in KS3

  • Improving the effectiveness of the school site management team

  • Developing Cross Curricular work in Year 10 Science

  • Improving the KS2 to KS3 transition process

  • To embed the effective use of ICT in MFL teaching at KS4

What school improvement areas can ‘Maximum Impact’ focus on?

The ‘Maximum Impact’ training package allows school to focus on any area of whole school or small group development that they have identified. Recent participants in the ‘Maximum Impact’ package have focused their training on:

  • Developing Middle Leadership

  • Behaviour for learning

  • Outstanding practice in learning and teaching

  • Coaching and Mentoring – staff and learners

  • Developing an outstanding support staff team

  • Improving boys’ learning

  • Staff well-being

However, the great advantage of the ‘Maximum Impact’ package is that it can be adapted to any area the host school would like to focus on.

How much does it cost?

The total cost of the ‘Maximum Impact’ training package to the host school is £1100 plus travel expenses for any number of participants.

What about Simply Inset?

Simply Inset offers bespoke training and consultancy to schools, colleges, academies and MATs throughout the UK and internationally.

Simply Inset is run by Steve Burnage who leads a small team of colleagues with a breadth of relevant, engaging and up-to-date training experience.

As well as our ‘Maximum Impact’ model for CPD. Simply INSET can offer a range of full day CPD (from £600), half day and twilight CPD (from £400)

How do I find out more?

Email Simply Inset quoting ‘Maximum Impact’ at or callSteve on +44 (0) 7767 858360 or +44 (0) 1302 571874.